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Welcome & Legal Disclaimer

Update:  May 20th, 2021

Welcome to SilkenKitty.com.  First I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to visit my site.  Before moving forward I wish to provide you with some useful information that will aid you in the navigation of this site.  In start, this site has been developed to provide my friends with some personal information and support my IMVU gaming account "SilkenKitty", that I have maintained for over 13 years.  So, lets start with the legalities and rules of my site, a little information about me, and then the substance of the site itself.


In regards to legalities, your entry into my site now binds you to its Terms of Service "TOS", I suggest you read them, but if you are a bit lazy, I can sum it up for you.  As prescribed by the IMVU Terms of Service "TOS" this site is classified as a "Third Party Site" containing "Third Party Content".  Pursuant to IMVU TOS your visitation to SilkenKitty.com binds you to my TOS while you are within my site.  Any such violation you choose execute while within SilkenKitty will be punished to the maximum extend my TOS permit   Now, be cautioned, under the IMVU TOS guidelines, they explicitly state that they sustain no jurisdictional control or authority over third-party sites such as SilkenKitty.com (may want review IMVU TOS), so any attempts to report or seek to impose IMVU TOS over SilkenKitty is not only outside the authority of IMVU TOS but a violation of it as well.  As per SilkenKitty TOS any claims presented to IMVU in relation to SilkenKitty.com is a violation of its TOS which you agreed upon the moment you proceeding to enter and visit my site. 


Now I know what you are thinking, "She don't know who I am".  Well, I actually do, see I pay for this domain, and unlike a free domain it comes with many "bells and whistles".   Did you know that your visitation to SilkenKitty has already been recorded by the Webador server, meaning I have logged your individual IP Address and already stored it.  Now don't think that you are safe "if" you are using a ghost account, because real, ghost, whatever, you are using all comes from the same individual IP address, and as we know, they do not change.  So you can have 100 IMVU avatars, they all have one IP address.  Any violations of my TOS or attempts to impose IMVU TOS (where they clearly stated they could not impose them) will result in your IP information being submitted to IMVU, where they will match it against its avatar community to identify the specific avatar with the specific IP address, then I got you.  SilkenKitty TOS permits the submission of your IP information to IMVU as a breach of my TOS (which you consented to on entry-its in the fine print at the bottom).  Your consent to my TOS permits me the authority to submit your IP information to IMVU, have them match it to your avatar, and then permit me to request your account will be be disabled, deactivated, or banned based upon what was agreed upon in my TOS when you entered SilkenKitty.com.  That said, I highly suggest you review the SilkenKitty TOS before proceeding, because you have already agreed upon them.


So in sum and to make this simple, you are not on IMVU, you are on a third party site.  Your entry into my site was an automatic consent to my TOS.  Additionally, should you think you can report the content or substance of this site to IMVU you are grossly mistaken as IMVU TOS does not permit it, and they are powerless on SIlkeKitty.com.  Be mindful, your are not on the IMVU feed or in a chat room where you can flag things and hide, I see and maintain detailed records of everything that occurs on every page in here.  You are in my house now and will abide by my TOS or suffer the consequences you agreed upon the moment you elected to proceed.


All said and legalities aside, please allow me to welcome you to SilkenKitty.com.  

SilkenKitty Inc. ("SilkenKitty") New York State Dept. of State Inc. Registration
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SilkenKitty Inc. is a registered business within the NYS Department of State Department of Commerce and UCC.

About Me

Well, my name is Karen (known in IMVU as "SilkenKitty", "Silken". "SK", or "Kitty") and I am originally a native of Lansing, Michigan.  My family is of British and Belarusian decent.  My father is a first generation American born of British immigrants, and he met and married my mother while serving in the military during the "Cold War" era.  My zodiac symbol is that of a Capricorn, making me very open and honest with people, direct and to the point, and one who does not enjoy conflict, but is not afraid to fight when the situation requires.  Educationally, I attended college at Texas Tech University, obtaining my Bachelors of the Arts in Journalism and Masters in Finance.  Once finished college, I spent about 8 years travelling the world for work while employed at United Technologies Corp. ("UTC").  My employment permitted me the incredible opportunity to visiting over 26 countries and embrace their cultures, this experience has had a very positive impact on me, because of my experiences, I find it easy to relate and have conversations with people from around the world.  Once I left United Technologies Corp., I volunteered my services for a little over 8 years in the Peace Corps.  This experience took me to the Congo region of Africa, a beautiful and remarkable country.  Without a doubt and in my personal opinion, Africa is a overlooked gem, a country filled with so much life and culture that I found it almost impossible to leave when my time and service was completed.  


In 2019 I returned to the United States and now reside in Brooklyn, New York.  I am a Risk Analyst employed exclusively to address the concerns of one customer, where I manage all personal financial and legal affairs for this individual-while they are off enjoying life.  Outside of work, I am pursuing my Juris Doctorate at the New York University seeking to obtain my BAR license and practice Criminal Defense law.


My dreams and ambitions parallel that of Howard Hughes, I want to be the biggest and best at everything I do.  

About SilkenKitty.com

SIlkenKitty.com is my contribution to assist my fellow IMVU gamers with the creations of sound products related to the IMVU.  Now, just because this site is linked to a gaming account does not mean that the information provided as part of the Creation, Production, and Sound 101 sections of this site are irrelevant and only applicable to the IMVU creation process, because they are not.  These three sections deal specifically with Sound, Music Theory, Audio Files, Audio Production and the use of such tools as Adobe Audition, iZotope, and Reason (all commercially accepted and used within the music industry by professional creators, engineers, artists, musicians and producers).


Other than providing useful software information, within this site you will find virtual products, samples, tutorials, and methods of creation that are intended to support the audio and music production inside and outside of the the IMVU interactive client.  Why such an elaborate website for just a game you may be thinking.  Well I personally I have taken a serious interest in audio engineering and have made a substantial personal investment in this interest.  That fact unified with the many comments and conversation that the current information surrounding this topic is limited when developing IMVU audio products.  Although IMVU is adequately structured to support physical products such as furniture, room creation, clothing, and other avatar accessories, it falls short in providing audio production tutorials and information to these types of creators.  It is a solid fact that the number of IMVU musicians and artist is increasing exponentially everyday, and as skilled as these members are they lack access to solid  and reliable information and resources to produce and identify quality products, this issue must be addressed.  It is for this very reason that I have developed this site.


In response to the field of acoustics or audio engineering, SilkenKitty.com bringing solid information based on fact and experience, while also commercializing the products and services that I personally offer.  So, it is my intention, and for the first time that I am aware of, to provide all IMVU users and novice music engineers who are not IMVU players with more than just a "Try" button or speculative understanding of sound production, but instead pass on the most of the knowledge I have obtained through my research, trials, and errors.   Specific to my products and services, within the "My Products" tab of this site, you will find a detailed description of most of the audio products I offer in a complete and playable format for you to review prior to completing any purchase.  Should you elect to purchase the product, a product link to said product is provided, that will direct you to the online store where your selected product(s) can be found.  Based on the substantial amounts of products I have developed, and periods of time these products were founded, this page is limited to products that developed only after October 2019, products prior to this date have not been included in this page, but are viewable within the IMVU Client Shop.


At this point and long-term presence in the game and as a creator the most important issue to me is quality.  So to properly demonstrate that I provide a quality product or service, I have provided sections within SilkenKitty.com that cover such areas of production and theory, to provide any customer of the scope and magnitude of detail I spend when when developing any of my products.  These sections include Sound 101, audio production, balancing, re-mastering, remixing, and licensing-these unseen and unnoticed complexities that go into the development of a product are vastly underscored and unseen during the creation process.    Eventually, I hope to later expand this site to include mesh and modeling development, but as I am learning this craft at this point, we will just keep that on the back-burner and focus on sound and audio at this point.


Now, if you are not an active IMVU player, customer, or participating member don't just "X" out of this site and and move on.  IMVU is a rather fun and interesting game that has kept me on-board for over 13 years, so you may just want to try out.  If you like to create, socialize, or are prone to excessive drama in your life or desire to fill your drama gap then IMVU may be a good fit for you.  When signing up, the game permits you to play for free, under a guest membership that may be later enhanced and upgraded to expand your gaming privileges and experience.  I have provided a link below that allows you to download the IMVU client software and install it.  Once installed you simply have to register, log-in, and play the game.  So if you are not a member, I recommend you give it a try, I look forward to seeing and creating with you.



Thank once more for visiting SilkenKitty.com, I look forward and welcome your feedback.  Please feel free to contact me using the contact page, as I look forward to hearing from you.


Please Enjoy Your Visit,