Update:  January 17th, 2022

SK | Music & Media, Inc. offers a robust and comprehensive restoration services portfolio.  Capable of transferring individual audio compositions, correcting and enhancing them up to 96kHZ/32-bit (vfp/fp), our services are established to support analog and digital media.

Through spectral analysis we obtain a clear visualization of the tracks frequency scale.  This analysis permits us the ability to identify noise and distortion within the digital conversion of an analog/digital original. 


Issues such as sibilance, clicks, and other unwanted factors  (click, hum, noise, and clipping) errors are addressed before the restoration continues.

Post corrections we add dynamics back to the track.  Limiting, gating, and reverb are then addressed, where we make adjustments to once more provide a restoration that is clear, loud, and studio quality but also enhanced to the degree that was intended at the studio level.  Moreover, we also consider the vintage of your composition.  If requested or desired, the vintage factors of tape or record imperfections maybe reapplied to the correction-giving the restored composition that original vintage sound. 

Low cost and efficient, we are skilled and prepared to bring our restoration services to meet your needs.  Tape, Record, or low degree digital files, SK Music & Media, Inc. is prepared to restore your audio treasures and enhance them further through our up and down mixing process if you desire.

Avid Pro Tools Dolby Atmos Certified Staff