Update:  January 17th, 2022

Welcome to SK Music & Media, Inc. (A SilkenKitty Company), we are a fully functional music production and Media, Inc. service provider based in Brooklyn, New York.  SK Music & Media, Inc. is an independently held limited liability company not affiliated, owned in sum, whole or in part, by any third party music label or music service provider, any mention of a third party, company logo, product, or service offered by products use by us is exclusive to the products and services provided to SK Music & Media, Inc. by the product. 


Before proceeding, it is important and recommended that all customers, visitors, and other parties review our Information Management Policy regarding your personal information, how we use it, and our cookie data retention policy here.  Our transactional Terms and Conditions-outlining the standard terms of business, payments, and contracting-can be found here, as well as information and responsibilities regarding licensing and copyrights here.  


Our services include, restoration, remastering, pre/post-production support and Immersive/Dolby Atmos sound conversions.  Providing a broad range of possible solutions, our sound quality enhancement are detailed here.  We are please to offer our customers these services and continually improve on our process, upgrades in hardware/software, and offerings daily in order to increase our market presence, but more importantly, to offer you a low-cost access to production and mastering services.  


Our diverse services portfolio is only complimented by the industry genres we support.  SK Music & Media, Inc. supports an array of artist over many differing music genres and applications, we are not limited or exclusive to one specific music or audio type but instead process the depth of knowledge to be considered a whole service provider.  We sustain a comprehensive and dynamic portfolio of musical relationships which permits us the capability to provide production consulting, assistance, and development across any sound platform or music genre.  Should you have a specific business inquiry, please contact SK Music and Media, Inc., as we look forward to assisting you in your musical career success.  All requests and messages will be responded to within 24 hours of you posting.

Our Sound Services Portfolio

SK Music & Media, Inc. offers a dynamic and diverse arrangement of video and audio services, and this is how we do it.  

Audio Restoration

Applying detailed and concise analytical tools, we obtain a clear visualization of the various frequencies of an audio track and their condition. This enables us to identify noise, distortion, variants, and other unwanted aspects that require correction. The second part of the analysis involves thermal analysis, providing a glance at an audio tracks thermal graphs, where other latent errors and distortion are also captures for restoration and digital correction.

Audio Remastering

The audio cleaning and restoration stage analyzes your audio material and proposes several recommend options for repairing and optimizing your composition.  One the optimal remastering format is selected, the file is then corrected, polished, and prepared for final delivery or to proceed to the next stage of enhancement-the Dolby Atmos or Immersive Sound up/down mixing.  

Audio/Video Optimization

Our video optimization services enhance speech recordings and reduce background noise, wind noise and sibilance. Video sound optimization offers a wide range of presets for removing all types of noise, while polishing the original audio and enhancing it to the degree to support background music.  This service also supports more common 3D Gaming Engines, Facebook 360, and YouTube 360 video files and advertisements

Dolby Atmos & Immersive Sound

Trained and certified by Avid Pro Tools, through their "Avid Certified Professional: Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos" professional curriculum, all SK Music & Media, Inc. mixing service are correctly encoded from Dolby 5.1 through Dolby Atmos 9.1.6, Auro 3D Audio, Sony 360 Reality Audio, or any order of Ambisonic Order currently employed within the audio production industry.  All compositions receive the benefit of audio analysis, characterization, and form fitted to the most well-suited Immersive sound and sound system.  Spatial presence, panning, and that 360 degree angular audio is properly assigned to bring your video or audio's track to its highest performance and premier sound standards.

Our objective and and core principles at SK Music & Media, Inc. is to not only restore, but also enhance your audio experience to the next level, within budget, on time, and accessible to all artists.  Inquire now via our CONTACT page and let's work together and see what we can accomplish.