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Update:  September 22nd, 2021

Welcome to the SilkenKitty (dba SilkenKitty, SK, SK Music & Remastering) a fully functional music production and remastering service provider based in Brooklyn, New York.  SilkenKitty is an independently held limited liability company and not affiliated or owned in sum, whole or part by any third party music label or provider.  Operating independently, we offer sound pre and post-production services, educational insight and materials, as well a production consulting spanning a diverse platform and genre base.  


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SilkenKitty Inc. is a registered business within the NYS Department of State Department of Commerce and UCC.

Our Services

SilkenKitty is a fully functional music production, polishing, pre-release, and post-release remastering service provider.  Our services include stereo up-mixing, 5.1, 7.1.2, or 9.1.2, as well as spatial or Dolby Atmos sound up-mix conversions.  Furthermore, SilkenKitty offers a diverse arrangement of post-production sound services that may either enhance the quality of a poorly developed master track or bring out the specifics of a given audio track-to add further depth and presence when these enhancements were either not possible or omitted during the original recording.  This service is provided to digitally reconstruct a track that may either be impossible to re-record, economically infeasible to re-record, or simply impossible to re-record.  


Moreover, SilkenKitty supports an array of artist over many differing music genres.  This dynamic portfolio of musical relationships permits us the capability to provider production consulting, assistance, and development across any music platform and genre.  Should you have a specific business inquiry, please contact SilkenKitty via the "Contact" tab located within the header of this site, as we look forward to assisting you in your musical career success.  All requests and messages will be responded to within 24 hours of you posting.

What SilkenKitty Can DO for You

SilkenKitty offers a dynamic and diverse arrangement of video and audio services to its clients.  

Audio Spectral Analysis

Applying detailed and concise spectral spectral analysis, we can obtain a clear visualization of the various frequencies of an audio track. This form of analysis enables us to identify noise and distortion that requires correction. Also a sound thermal analysis yields a glance at an audio tracks thermals, where errors and distortion in the noise floor can be detected and digitally corrected.

Audio Cleaning, Restoration, Up-Mixing, and Post-Production Editing

Audio cleaning and restoration analyzes your audio material and proposes several recommend options for optimizing the audio.  This service is ideal for tracks that have been converted from a media source that may possess distortion or breaks within the audio track.  Applying a complex algorithm, we possess the ability to resample similar segments within the audio file and reconstruct the impacted areas to create a restored digital revision.

Video Audio Optimization

Our video optimization services enhance speech recordings and reduce background noise, wind noise and sibilance. Video sound optimization offers a wide range of presets for removing all types of noise, while polishing the original audio and enhancing it to the degree to support background music.

Up-mix Conversions 

Our up-mixing service permits us to take a mono or stereo track and re-channelize it to either Dolby 5.1, 7.1.2, 9.1.2 or any other form of DTS or Atmos configuration required. Once channelized by the up-mix, each channel is individually modified to add spatial presence, panning, and that 360 degree angular audio feel-bringing either your video or audio's track to its highest performance expectations.

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SK Apparel

Withstanding sound products and audio solutions, SilkenKitty is expanding its brand to and include an apparel line.  This venture is currently under development and more information will be provided as designs are competed.

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No matter your sound requirements, SilkenKitty looks forward to providing you with the highest quality audio deliverable within your budgetary expectations.  Thank you for your visit.