Update:  January 17th, 2022

SK | Music & Media, Inc.'s cornerstone business is our specialty, techniques, and ability to improve the quality of an original composition or audio project.  Our remastering process is centered on the removal of flaws that may exist in a specific composition to provide a cleaner, sharper, and more refined audio experience.


Applying our audio conversion hardware to the existing analog media we start with the analog to digital conversion.  The process is seamlessly handled by interfacing the audio original with studio grade Tascam DA-3000 Master Recorder/ADDA or Benchmark ADC16 Converters.  Once a digital image is captured, that file is then converted to a .FLAC or .WAV file, with the appropriate bit and sample rate resolutions assigned to minimize file noise.  From this point, the raw captured file then proceeds to our cleaning and refinement process.    

During the cleaning and refinement process, the digitally captured file is closely examined on a multi-frequency level and down to the digital bit level, looking for discrepancies that may exist surrounding the noise floor or other regions of the audio file.  Issues such as background noise, conversion errors, or other unwanted file deviations are identified and extrapolated, then the proper corrections applied.  The end result of this process yields a cleaner digital master file that is ready for studio applications, up/down mixing, or final polishing. 

Given the state of your requirement, the file may proceed to polishing or go through another remastering stage of up mixing or down mixing-all dependent upon your requirements or expectations.  The end of this process applies equalization, balance, panning, presence, frequency adjustments, attack, and other critical elements that can be applied to enhance and polish the audio track.  This is possible because we invested in the hardware and software to provide a low cost service for all customers and strive to be the best in class in the remastering market.


Avid Pro Tools Dolby Atmos Certified Staff