Dolby Atmos & Spatial Conversions

Update:  November 18th, 2021

Dolby Atmos™ and immersive sound technologies are quickly becoming the standard audio format.  Preferred and in high demand SK | Music & Remastering is properly equipped and skilled to provide an economical Atmos or immersive solution.  


At the inception of the Dolby Atmos and the immersive sound initiatives, we took the necessary steps and made the required investment to develop a proprietary creation process that is cost-effective for all customers yet delivers the high-end quality immersive or Atmos product. 


Making our Atmos and immersive solution cost-effective was our initial objective, because we believe that all customers-big and small-should have access to an affordable and quality sound service.  Typically and contingent on the quality and condition of the original source file, pricing for an individual Atmos or immersive rework can start as low as $50 USD and reach a ceiling not to exceed $100 USD per musical track. 

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This low-cost solution makes SK Music & Remastering very price competitive, but more important it makes Dolby Atmos and immersive audio accessible and within the reach of every artist, producers, or studios.

Dolby Atmos and Immersive Enhancements

The basic audio systems of the past are no longer sufficient to support today's attractions and audiences. The modern audio world seeks an experience that engages the senses and the need for a full-immersive experience to create that life-like effect.


The immersive effect is here to stay and in demand in such environments as the virtual world, but also applicable to real-world.  Museums, theaters, and home settings are increasingly moving towards such immersive sounds as Dolby Atmos, and there is no predictable end to this need here within the near future. 


At SK Music & Remastering we offer a unique service that can record, edit, mix or remaster audio and video formats in such enhancements as Dolby Atmos or immersive-making them readily available in any configuration imaginable or requested at an affordable price.

How do we do it?  Well, our Atmos process employs a combination of proprietary preparation methods and processes that gives us an extraordinary advantage at the start of the Atmos or immersive remastering process.  This advantage results in an observable cost-savings, a savings so remarkable that larger remastering service providers just cannot compete.  Put simply, we can do it faster, better, and for less.


In considering our services, we support all aspects of the immersive or Atmos industry.  VR is supported by utilizing plug-ins for Atmos development, High Order Ambisonics, or Binaural to achieve a sound that fits your requirement. For live events, we collaborate with partner businesses to offer 3D live sound processors as well as sound products directly matched to your speaker configuration. This ability to match your compatibility requirements and reverse compatibility to enhance your existing audio make us an integrators’ dream.

Our Dolby Atmos and Immersive Services Portfolio

At SK Music & Remastering everything starts with your original, polish and preparation produce a quality pre-conversion sound, up or down mixing then sets the stage for encoding, and the application of our proprietary Atmos and immersive sound processes permits us deliver a final product that is competitive with larger sound service providers, at a significantly smaller budgetary footprint.


But processes alone do not govern our standard.  Our capabilities portfolio contributes significantly as the backbone of our success.  Supporting the up and down mixing aspects of mastering is just the start.  We also are highly skilled in handling the pre and post polishing requirements for various audio configurations currently within the industry.  This knowledge and ability coupled with our experience and knowledge of immersive conversions make up the cornerstone of our product quality standard and success.  

Upmix / Downmix Formats Supported:
Mono (Upmix Required)
Stereo (Upmix or LoRo Downmixing)
5.1 Surround
7.1 Surround
Dolby Atmos (2.1.2 through 9.1.6)
Auro (9:1 - 13.1)
Ambisonics (1st - 3rd Oders 3, 5, 7)
Infrasonics Application

Glancing at a snapshot, we support 16-Channel Up and Down Mixing with a perfect phaseless interference that will yield a final product that meets your expectations, is within budget, and will captivate and immerse your audience.  

STEREO 2.1.2 1st Order AmbiX 9.1 13.1
3.0 / 3/1 LCR 3.1.2 2nd Order AmbiX 10.1
3.0 / 3.1 TRI 4.1.2 3rd Order AmbiX 11.1
4.0 / 4.1 4.1.4 13.1
5.0 / 5.1 5.1.2 1st Order FuMa
6.0 / 6.1 5.1.4 2nd Order FuMa
7.0 / 7.1 7.0.2 3rd Order FuMa
7.1.4 3rd Order Ambisonics
7.1.6 5th Order Ambisonics
9.1.2 7th Order Ambisonics

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The bottom-line is that our capability is driven by knowledge, experience, and resources.  Unifying these elements ensures that you receive a quality service and product that you deserve and one that your audience will come back to enjoy. We look forward to bring our expertise to your pre or post-production ventures, tailoring a sound solution that not only fits your requirements and budget, but most important, captivates your clients and audiences.


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